Dragon-themed Build ( Ranged? Natural attacks? )

Hello everyone, first thread here.

I’m pretty new-ish to the mechanics of the game exactly, and tend to play on Daring with some QOL tweaks. I like builds that work from a theming/RP sense, and usually don’t strive too much for min-maxing or excessive multiclassing ( not always the most efficient, I know).

I’d like a dragon build. Dragons are awesome! I’ve heard very mixed things about the Gold Dragon mythic path, however, especially WRT the story/questing – not to mention you don’t get it until super, super late. There are other classes that can let you transform or dabble into draconic abilities otherwise, and I’d love to get some of everyone’s thoughts on what could be the most fun here. Is it worth pursuing the GD mythic in the long run? Lots of builds I find on youtube are from early Sept. 2021, with one that was from two weeks ago that went disciple/steelrager and went Demon mythic, of all things. Not sure if I can post links, but they probably aren’t hard to find on YouTube.

A part of me would prefer melee, but something blasty-gishy might be cool, too, for a ranged magic-dragon feel, with the dragon form being obviously for getting up close. For the former, would pursuing a class with natural attacks be ideal? Alchemist Metamorph, maybe? Brown-fur transmuter? What about something going into dragon disciple to play with some powers there?

I’d love some input. Sorry for the lengthy post.

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Dragonkind 3 allows you to Breath Weapon non-limited. Its superior to many builds out there. Id pick a Draconic Sorcerer or similar and stack Feats that improve your ability to make use of the Dragonkind 1-3 spells. After CL 17/18, Id add some levels of a Class that adds more Feat picks.

Example 1 - Azata:
Monk 1
Fighter 1
Sorcerer 18
BAB 11+10 (Superpower: Incredible Might)

Example 2 - Trickster:
Monk 1
Rogue 1
Sorcerer 18
BAB 20 (Greater Trick: Athletics)

A good melee build would be to go Bloodrager dragon bloodline and then 10 lvls of dragon disciple. Make sure Chr maxes at 14 and put all stats in str/dex. Also only pick buff spells as they are not effected by SR.

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