Difference between slightly weaker enemies and core?

I am playing with a suboptimal build so I reduced the enemy difficulty to slightly weaker, crit and damage are not reduced.
Now my dumb question, what is the difference? I am right now at the vescavor queen and her stats seem to be the same. Looking into it I found a screenshot in the steam forum where the difficulties are compared and imo it looks like slightly weaker is the same as core (no changes).

I noticed that the vescavor swarms did not trigger their gibber ability even though it is still in their description but this could have been a bug on my side since the queen still had it.

It remains a mystery.

I discussed it here (the screenshot you saw was probably from me).

Ps: personally, I always reduce the Crit damage, because they are often one-shot kills in PF1. The reduced version remains plenty of damage but without being over the top.

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