"Demongraft" - Different effects for demon and angel mythic path

Doctor in Battlebliss Arena can give special perk “Demongraft” by inserting demonic organs into you.

+2 AC (natural), +2 saves (inherent), +2 concentration, +2 spell penetration, +2 DC, +2 attack, +2 damage, enter frenzy and attack the nearest creature when health drops below 20%.

I’m pretty sure that such organs would have a completely different effect if they were inserted into the body of someone who is partly demon, or someone who is partly angel.

I don’t think that demon mythic path commander should enter the demonic rage when his health drops below 20%, because whole demon mythic path is about controlling the demonic rage. Demon mythic path is still one of the weakest, so it will be good buff it little bit by that.

On the other hand, demonic organs within a half-angelic being?
Something like that should have HUGE effect…
Even if the commander’s “spoiler power” allows him to receive power from different sources, what happens when he tries to combine two opposing powers? Honestly, the negative effect for angels should be worse.

Both make perfect sense not only in terms of game mechanics and game balance, but also in terms of game lore.


Yeah, another missed opportunity in my opinion. What if the ‘Good’ Mythic Paths (Angel, Azata and Aeon) have organ rejection due to the incompatible organs while the ‘Evil’ Mythic Paths (Demon, Lich and Trickster) have the procedure work too well and you get some lingering memories of the previous owner. Likewise for the other Demon buffs you get in the Abyss. Nocticula’s Profane Gift could result in a minor buff/debuff, having fun in the brothel could have you contract a Demonic STD/STI or accidentally impregnate/be impregnated (depending on gender) some of the Demons. Again little flavours to really highlight the risk/reward of one’s Mythic Path choice.

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I can understand that even if we have 10 mythic paths, not every decision can have 10 options.
(Honestly, I think it would be better if we had only half the amount of mythic path, but each got more content.)

Anyway, here I would give three options:

Demongraft - Current version
Compatible demongraft - Demon mythic path (no negative effects)
Incompatible demongraft - Angel mythic path (worse negative effects)

I don’t think something like that would take tens of hours of programming.
And it would be a beautiful example of how our decisions matter.

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