Crusade Unit: Champions

Just upgarded my footmen to Champions and boy are they weak not fitting their description. They have less HP, less AC than conscripts and horrible ability ratings. This seems quite off. Shield bearers had a similar issue. Less AC than conscripts less damage, though they do have ample HP.


Hello all,

searched for and found this bug report and would like to add to it.

I see the following 2 major bugs with the ‘Champions’ unit:

A.) broken AC; Heavy Armor is NOT equipped by them
There are only 3 different AC values that Heavy Armor offers:
→ 7 AC Banded Mail (DEX Bonus up to +1)
→ 8 AC Half-Plate (no DEX Bonus)
→ 9 AC Full Plate (DEX Bonus up to +1)
… yielding a final AC and Flat-footed AC of between 17 to 19. Touch AC cannot be lower than 10 if you have 10 DEX so this stat is wrong as well and regardless of equipped or not Heavy Armor.

Equipped Heavy Armor should additionally add the Armored Unit classification to them, as is the case with Shield Bearers and the like, to profit from General Feats with bonuses to Armored Units.

Edit: The Champions units battle model suggests it has a Half-Plate equipped, leading to AC / Flat-footed AC of 18 and Touch AC of 10, regardless of the DEX stat.

B.) broken CON stat
Footmen have 14 CON and 12 DEX while Champions, for no apparent reason, loose a whopping 6, meaning down to 8 CON and also loose 2, meaning down to 10 DEX. This affects HP, Fortitude Saves and thereby makes them easy enemy fodder. So much for being a ‘Champion’.

→ they retain the 12 DEX and 14 CON of Footmen, leading to the same 39 HP
→ they have 10 DEX and 16 CON, leading to a bit more, probably 42 HP and 1 higher Fortitude Saves over Footmen

Edit: Since the battle model suggest equipped Half-Plate with 50 lbs. in weight and since they also have a Greatsword worth 8 lbs. of weight, at 14 STR they are at the max possible for still being at Light Load, meaning 58 lbs. of weight.

It is therefore possible that their STR should be at 16 as opposed to only 14 and that they otherwise retain the 14 CON of Footmen but with only 10 DEX.

Please fix this broken unit. Sincerely.


They seem to have been intended by the content designers to be the “glass cannon” infantry, but no one communicated that to the writing team, as both Seelah’s pitch for them and their own flavor texts suggests that they should be overall “elite infantry” with higher stats and better equipment to balance their much smaller numbers.

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I would say this is the unit with the most unexpected stats that I’ve encountered in the Crusade.

It probably should be adjusted imho. Doesn’t really seem like it was intended

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