Crashing issues on PS4

Good evening all,

I was wondering if any console players (specifically ps4 users) are experiencing persistent crashing problems.

I normally have long gaming sessions and find that the game crashes pretty often. It happens when I try to save, the game auto saves, or during a loading screen when the game is saving in the background.

Currently trying to figure out if it’s the game or if the PS4.

I have the latest update for the system and have rebuilt the database.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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I experience frequent crashes as well, particularly in the kingdom courtyard, and during most of the larger set piece missions. The game loses stability over time for me as well, any play past the two hour mark will eventually see a crash on saving or zone exit.

Kingmaker also crashes more frequently as I get farther into the game, which gets a little nerve wracking when it takes thirty seconds or longer to save. I just hit level ten on this playthrough, and I cross my fingers each save attempt hoping that it won’t save error or crash.

the issues your having are the exact same ones I am experiencing.

Slight relief as i know it’s not the system now phew

Speaking of saves, I noticed the further you are in a story the longer it takes to save a game … for example when I first started the story for Varnholdt … the save took less than 5 second… by the end of it it was up to 30 seconds or so

I am curious to hear from any PS4 players who have completed the game, as they may have tips for maintaining performance.

Console ports of this particular game type traditionally struggle with these issues. Both Pillars of Eternity games saw extensive save and load times as the game progressed. They were both built in Unity I think, and it was basically a requirement for the game engine.

I’m hoping we’ll see improvements in these areas, though I suspect Owlcat may be scrambling to fix the more game breaking problems now.

Having a dependable save system would be a real morale boost. I guess I’m playing this in the part to scratch that old school gaming itch, and playing with two save slots certainly feels old school.

I do hope the game improves cuz I really do like it a lot. I am a long time table top player (DND, Pathfinder, etc) so this game allows me to scratch an with outside my weekly game on roll 20.

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Hi there! May I direct you to this posting here?

The only thing ive found that helps with stability is turning off autosaves and quick saves. These tend to bloat the save file size. I keep 3 manual saves and that has helped alot with crashing. Every time i have to go into the capital market i save before entering then after leaving. Then i reset the game. There is obviously a memory leak issue.

First off, I just want to say the game is awesome. The crashes on ps4 not so much(this is the only thing ruining a great experience for me). I find it nearly always crash either when transitioning between areas or attempting to save. Even after the most recent patch. It is very very frustrating. At a guess I would say it happens at least once every hour or so, which makes me suspect it might be a memory leak issue since it is pretty consistent. Then again, im not a computer/console expert.

I have already done a rebuild database, cache clearance and also made sure I have lots of HD space(over 150gb available) and none of this seems to have helped the issue much. Still crashes about an hour or so in. Im hoping this can be remedied as its the only thing leaving a sour taste in my mouth about this otherwise amazing experience. Happy to help in any way i can if it solves this issue.