Covenant of the Inheritor keeps toggling off

This issue is quite frustrating and tiresome. Everytime you enter a new area, this relic toggles off by itself.

It adds a good bonus to the party so it´s pretty annoying having to remember to toggle on after entering every damn place(sorry for the swearing :stuck_out_tongue: ).

It´s the only relic that appears to have this issue.

Thanks in advance


This was already a problem in the beta.

Some fights were more difficult than expected because I often forgot to turn on the artifact all the time.


Came here to write this. This issue is still there and it is fairly annoying :confused:

Can confirm it’s still there.

Toggling it on doesn’t turn on the effect. It only appears that it does

Only unequipping and reequipping activates the buff and it only lasts until reloading the game.

Edit: Resting will also disable it and it needs to be reequipped

It doesn’t show up in the spellbooks spell pen calculations but I can confirm that at the very least it supplies good aligned and +2 spell penetration whenever toggled on regardless of whether it was re-equipped, the problem is that it toggles itself off on changing zones or opening the inventory/character/spellbook screens half the time.

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Do you know if it works while the buff isn’t on the party members? I can confirm it doesn’t show in the spellbook spell penetration, but Ode to Miraculous Magic doesn’t either and it should give +4 to that (Azata spell)

I can confirm that ode does work, I’ve never had an issue with the buff not showing up while active so I couldn’t tell you whether or not it matters, I’ve only used it on one of my playthroughs so far, the other I gave it to galfrey.

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