Continued woes of a PS4 player

Continuing the discussion from Update on the situation and the upcoming patches:

Last night, game crashed for the 100th time and froze system afterwards as well. I’ve played more stable games of jenga.

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Yeah, I love this game but it crashes every 45 minutes or so

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wonder if it will ever be fixed…

Hey there, we’ve updated the game with new patches. Is the crashing still persistent? We’re trying to eliminate as many causes as possible that could be held accountable for these crashes.

Yep, had two crashes last night, 45mins into playing, and an hour after that. Seems to happen most when the game tries to auto-save during loading screens. Also happens frequently when quick saving while on map. I keep one quick save slot and 2 auto save slots

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Yikes. Definitively going to wait a few patches before going back. Thanks for telling us Bangoth. I’ll play other games instead.

He’s running with an auto-save and quick-saves and pointed out that crashes were linked to those. Keep only 3 or 4 hard saves (perhaps more since last patch) and you should be fine. It would be usefull to know if those crashes are on ps4 fat or pro.

It’s a 1TB fat. Was too cheap to get the pro at the time. At least I’m enjoying a crash free experience with WotR, so far at least. Overall, I’ve had 30ish blue screen crashes at the least with the PS4. At no point has it mentioned an issue with save file size or that there is no space. It just goes from trying to save to crash.

Unfortunately, i guess the power of consoles has a lot to do with crashes. I have a ps4 pro and an xbox one x, and played Wasteland 3 on both. I had 1 crash per hour at least on the ps4, and 1 per 5 hours on xbox x. That’s just a guess, but with Pathfinder i’ve never had a single crash, though i’ve just stopped playing at the beginning of chapter 2.

I’m playing wasteland 3 as well, crashed a fair bit at launch but seems to be stable after their patches. I think it’s less to do with the system and more to do with the sub-par port to system. I’m still struggling through the game, just got to twice born warlord. After game crashed twice after beating vordakai’s tomb two nights ago. I had to re-fight the last section twice and the boss twice.