Constant crashing in this game fix it!

Please fix this game already!!! Freaking annoying!!! Reload reload reload reload reload after crash after crash after crash, after crash after crash, never will I buy another owlcat game again unless these issues are fixed, Super slow loading times as well, fix your game, I know there’s lots of complains so patch it fix it never have I seen a game run so badly

Unfortunately, Owlcat has seemingly ended all support for this game on console over a year ago. They went over a year without any response on the forums and absolutely 0 updates or patches for console.

Last month someone actually posted here on the forums and their response was effectively “thank you for your patience, all resources are focused on Wrath of the Righteous. Please wait longer before we look at Kingmaker again.”

Yeah that just shows where the see their priorities are WoTR and not Kingmaker and it’s a damn shame tbh.