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PS4 bugs:

I have “Coordinated Defense” on my 3 frontline attackers. In my many dozens of hours with the game it has never worked. I do the math to see if it applies: (CMD= +10, +BAB, +Strength bonus, +Dex bonus, +size modifier, +special modifier) and every time i do the math it all comes out correct except for the +2 i should receive for taking the “Coordinated Defense” feat on my 3 attackers. It has never been applied to them, even when they are practically standing on top of one another, they still get tripped, ect. and it never figures in.

Why can’t i scroll down to see other recipes when i camp? It will only show the first recipes i found until i run out of ingrediants for them before i see the recipes i picked up later in the game.

have you copied the recipes? When you pick them up, go to your inventory and find them and “memorize” them just like you do a spell, then they should appear off to the left in the camp cooking menu

I have same portrait issue on XB1 blank white. Anyone else?

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yes, the recipes are memorized, the problm is I cant scroll down in the camp menu to view them unless i run out of ingredients for the first recipes I memorized, basically I cant scroll down in the drop down menu to see additional recipes further down the menu on PS4. Does everyone have this problem?

(also Coordinated Defense feat is broken. Its bugged. It dont work, like, at all).

New update from the Devs guys. Fingers crossed

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Now Harrim is bugged, his selective channeling is deactivated when i took a ring off and when put back on (to get his charisma back up for the prerequisite for Selective Channeling) its still greyed out, meaning as a Cleric, he now heals the enemies. Groovy!

Also just lost hours after game wouldnt save (even though I deleted all my saves but 1 [ONE] and placed saves at 1 in settings) then crashed the game.

Im done with it.

Owlcat, stay away from consoles from now on.
You can develop for PC, just stay away from consoles in the future.



Aside from game crashes that every player has experienced, I’ve been lucky to not have witnessed many of the problems that other players have. However, since Patch 1.3 came out, I’ve noticed a few things that I think needs to be addressed. These issues have been experienced on a PS4 Pro!

  1. Only on Turn-Based Mode – at the conclusion of each combat sequence when having Turn Based Mode enabled, the toolbar and ability to pause and manually bring out your cursor disappears. I have workaround with these being, though: for the toolbar, if I go to any lootable object and have the window pop up, the toolbar returns. For the ability to pause and bring out the cursor, all I have to do is toggle the game back to RTwP and it returns. Even though the solutions are easy to fix (jn game), it becomes tedious after a while.
  2. I’ve experienced significantly more *amount of blue screen crashes since the latest patch. Prior to 1.3, I would crash probably once every 3-4 hours if I’m lucky. Now it seems to be every 2 or so hours. I don’t know if I’ve just been imagining the up tick in frequency, but I thought I would mention it anyway.

*grammar correction

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Oh wow. I noticed #1 as well. I thought I was the only one.

Both happens to me either, and I never experienced so much crashes before the last patch. In my case the game freezes, do not crash with blue screen on ps4. Seems i burned 50 euros, next time I will wait before buying something from them

Do you run the game in boost mode? Or without it?

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Hi there, Smetanka!

I just checked and I do have Boost Mode enabled.

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Ok, thanks. I was checking a hypothesis from another source that Kingmaker doesn’t crash in boost mode, but looks like it’s not true if it crashes on you console. I think the frequency of your crashes could have increased if you progressed farther into the game. I hope the next patch will improve this.

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Your theory about more crashes the further you are in the game makes sense to me. I’m not too far into the game; just completed the Bloom Chapter and waiting for the next section to begin. But I think when there are a lot of things happening on screen (such as the Goblin Fort for example), crashes become more frequent – in my experience anyway. Can’t speak for everyone!

Thank you for your comments!

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Is it safe to say that crashes depends somehow on the console power ? If i take the example of another CRPG, Wasteland 3, which i’ve tested both on PS4 pro and Xbox One X, i can confirm that stability were significantely better on the latter. Regarding Pathfinder, never have I had experimented such crashes, though i just finished the first act on xbox one X. It is the reason why i’m confident that the game will run better on xbox series X, even if it’s supposed to run as well on a regular ps4 or a xbox one.

Another bug with VarnHolds Lot. Trying to talk to Cephal before Maegar after dealing with the troublemaker in town forcibly closed the game and takes you back to the main menu…

In fact, so far, talking to him at any stage after this point is forcibly taking me back to the main menu…

And now to top it off the game repeatedly blue screens after leaving Varnhold from that point…
I’m done :sweat:

Jesus, your color scheme is terrible, btw. The text blends with the back ground very badly, just like in game. The yellow is impossible for me to see the definition of the shapes and the gray “Console Bug Tracker” is difficult to make out. Seriously, weird choices for Text and background.

The bugs I’m seeing since 1.03 on PS4 are whenever exiting combat my skill bars are completely gone, and I’m unable to pause the game using Square. I can fix the pause issue by switching from Turn-Based to Real Time using R3 and then back again and pause works, but I don’t have skill bars until I loot something, then it pops back up again.

and seriously, I can’t even read the “Reply” button, just see the arrow unless I get 12" from my monitor. Just… wow.


Use the Dark Reader app Chrome or Brave. That’s what I’m using for these boards.