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We prepared a Trello board for you with some of the bugs that we are working for right now. We still require more information about some of them.

If you haven’t found the bug that you reported - don’t worry. Some of the minor tasks didn’t get there because there was no need for additional information.

Here is the link to trello:


I think that’s a great idea. And perhaps it will reassure people that fear that you’re not working anymore on the game ! Just a thought : i didn’ see in the lists the bugs happening in TB mode when characters just stop and lose their turn. Is that something that you still work on ? Anyway, keep faith and thanks a lot for all your efforts making this wonderful game fully playable !

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This issue should’ve been fixed in the last patch. Do you still have it?

This is great, I like when there is a lot of cooperation between gamers and developers.
I will help as much as I can. even if I like to play more than troubleshoot (I do this as daily job), I will give you some help.

How to report bug? Using this forum in the console section or sending you email?

It is better to report bugs by sending us an email :slight_smile: Thank you!

I didn’t play yet after the patch, but it seems that other players still have it, especially when it comes to casting healing spells after walking towards the injured character.

@Trymon, to resolve this just move to the character you want to heal first, then cast the heal spell.

@Krinken I have had the same issue I will give it a try.

Thanks Krinken ! But how do you do when Amiri stops running after you gave her the order to charge ? Anyway, for the healing issue, this is a workaround, so not a fixed bug.

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I mean…

You say that, but I cannot find where to email a bug I found. I have looked around on the and

Edit: I found it via googling.

So do we have word on if another patch is already been submitted? Or is it still being prepared?
I apologized if this has been answered already I may have overlooked it.

I am interested as well. Afaik there was no communications - I am still awaiting the second Varnholds Lot fix in order to continue playing.

I have finished Wasteland 3 in the mean time and bought Pillars of Eternity 2…

I can’t believe I’m about to ask this and I struggle to find the words to express it…
But this is an absolute joke now, I’ve just encountered the save error bug for the first time now and due to the game doing what it does best and deleting saves or forcing us to maintain the bare minimum save files I have now lost my SECOND playthrough… Not one but two! Totalling near on 150 hours of gameplay and never been able to progress past the Varnhold Vanishing storyline.
I’ve been gaming for 30 years and absolutely love this game and have never encountered a bigger train wreck of a launch in my life nor experienced the plethora of errors this game entails.
I never wanted to get to this point, and part of me still wants to give this title the time it deserves but this is beyond a joke.
Two whole playthroughs, just gone…

I have never in my life asked or expected a refund for a game but I’d like to know who to speak to to get a refund please…


I lost 6 charas 3, Ranger’s, 1 Paladin, 1, Monk, and 1 cleric. Started a new Ranger, but quit due to numerous issues, ie, crashing every 15 to 20min, sometimes to home, massive frame rate drops etc. Game needs optimization desprately, it can’t handle, capitol, or large encounters, ie, cultist fight, weather effects or lighting, in dungeon. Need to add the optIons to turn off weather effects, lighting effects, spell visual effects, and depopulate capitol, leave vendors, remove citizens, add maybe 1 or two walking around. Anything that kills framerate that causes crashes. Cant even use vendors in capitol without crashing, have to sell at Olegs.


the dashboard is not updated anymore?
Is there any ETA for a new patch??

Coding takes time, you know? Specially with a game as huge as this one. Usually it takes years to make a game. Months to fix some major issues. You’ll have to be patient and play other games meanwhile because they’re still working on it.

Or OC could have just not released the game and took money for it, till it was finished.

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I don’t think you understand how hard it is to program some games and how some bugs are easy to miss. OCG isn’t the only company involved in this port. Their publishers as well, who should’ve hired more QA to test this game.