Commander's tent

After completing the Gray Garrison I moved to this tent location, but I need to go to the commander’s tent to take a rest. But when I try try to enter the screen doesn’t load and it stays black.

Please fix this

Are you on a Mac by any chance? I think this is a known bug (although I have yet to see Owncat acknowledge it.)

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Yes, I am in a Mac. Did you have it too?
It’s quite an enormous bug that won’t let me go through the story

It’s been a known bug for a little over 2 weeks and still no word on a fix. It’s extremely frustrating honestly.

What if we make a thread everyday? would that be too annoying for other users?

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I’ve been bumping several threads about it almost daily and I’ve been commenting on all the Owlcat patch note Twitter threads. Have had absolutely 0 interaction from the team even tho they seem to eagerly respond to other commenters

It would be nice to see a reaction. Even if it is only to see that they are working on it

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They finally responded on a steam thread (the fact that the only dev comment on the issue is buried in the comments of an unrelated website is frustrating but regardless :man_shrugging:t3:) they’ve acknowledged the issue and given no timeline on when it may or may not be fixed image

That is good to read. Let’s hope they find a solution fast

Ok, almost two months since the game release and no solution yet. Good job Owlcat.

BUMP, is there still no fix for this???

MacBook Pro 2017 Core i5
Monterey 12.0.1

Yup! Still no fix. The devs just keep going “we’re working on it, sorry :)” and then don’t mention it again for weeks. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult for them to at the very least communicate on the issue in patch notes. The most recent comment was 1 sentence in a patch not like 6 patches ago, they claimed to have pushed thru a fix, it fixed the issue for no one and they just went “okay please report the bug in game and we’ll look into it :)” even tho we’ve been telling them for months that you can’t report the bug since the game locks up upon entering the tent

That’s a bit surprising, since (while not having a Mac myself), there were multiple fixes for it in the patches, and I see a lot of Mac players who aren’t stuck at that area anymore.