Clothed World Map

I really want to purchase this separately, I already have the digital version but if the clothed version becomes available I would like to have the option to buy it as well.
Anyone that knows if that’s the case or it’s just not available? It was there as an option at least.

You need to have one of the physical versions of the game to add physical addons. (To cover the shipping costs.)

Oh thank you, now I feel silly. :frowning:

I must have totally misread this somewhere or it was not put anywhere at all.

I wanted to snow globe and figuere so i added 55$ on my pledge for those add-ons abut couldnt select them, bummer, gues ill just get a couple extra digital copies for friends instead.

Well, the “Physical add-ons are only available for physical versions of the game” rule was on the front page of the Kickstarter from day 1.
It is also stated in the FAQ at the bottom of the Preorder page.


Note: Digital Add-Ons require the base pledge to be at a digital tier level ($28 and above). Physical Add-Ons need the base pledge to be at a physical tier level ($55 and above) to cover the shipping and handling fee.

I also face that kind of problems for my xxxtenatcion store and still not overcome this yet.