Claw Melee Build

Since Owlcat hasn’t gotten around to fixing the Hagbound Witch’s 0 attack dmg bug, can anyone think of a fun melee claw build alternative for me to use in the meantime?

Theorycrafting builds take me a while, and I know there are plenty of users here who know the Pathfinder system like the back of their hand. So if anyone has any ideas I’d enjoy hearing them. Thanks as always

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My idea so far is abyssal+serpentine bloodrager with maximum stacking of natural attacks.

Oracle dip for 1 more bite and to dump dex into charisma to use it as AC from nature’s whisper.

Get oracle on lvl2, serpentine on 1st mythic(b4 getting 1st feats), limitless rage on second, brutality incarnate on 3rd.

Primalist might be good but i like abilities from abyssal and serpentine so i dont want to waste them, normal bloodrager seems like a best choice or Redeemed Fiend(but would need to use a little cheats due to their issue with getting second bloodline on mythic, it wasn’t intended to not being able to get other bloodlines, but owlcat still didnt fix it), motherless tiefling for more bites or pitborn for perfect stats.

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I’m going STR 5 DEX 17 CON 12, INT 14 , WIS 16, CHA 16, 1 level Scaled Fist, WIS + AC, Improved Unarmed Attack, Flurry, Crane style, 1 level Rogue, any rogue would do, I love Sylvan Trickster, weapon finesse, 1 level Stigmatized Witch, Ice Plant, Wolf Scarred Face, familiar, Lizard, 1 level cross blooded Sorcerer, Serpentine, bite, Dragon, access to Dragon Disciple, (use bloodline ascendence Mythic Ability to use snake bite all the time), 2 levels Dragon Disciple, another bite and AC bonus, 4 levels Barbarian Instinctual Warrior (you’ll need to change alignment by this time to make this work) get WIS + to AC and Rage Powers, you can get more by picking Extra Rage Power feats, if you feel like it, you can take a couple of Vivisectionist to get another bite, put a skald in the party for another bite, then I’m going the rest of the way rogue for the sneak attack and the feats. also, I wouldn’t use the claw attacks as they don’t count as unarmed attacks but will count as primary weapons, and thus reduce the attack bonus on your bites.

you could also get Kitsune for the bite

Elemental Rampager (Druid) gets claws all day, not limited by rounds, and has them from level 1. Later, you can turn into a big cat for bigger claws and Pounce.

Dip into Monk 1 for Crane Style (and its follow-ons), plus for Wis to AC in animal form. Get someone to cast Mage Armor on your cat form early, and then later on maybe get someone to craft Mage Armor potions if you have room for Archmage Armor.

Very simple, can buff his own claws with Greater Magic Fang, and has full Druid spellcasting when you want to hand out buffs like Barkskin, (Comm) Slow Poison, (Comm) Resist Energy, and so on.