Cheese in crusader mode / issue with scorching ray

Not really a bug, but a broken feature in my book:

I can send in 1 stacks of footmen to the opposing caster general to drain his mana without ANY kind of penalty. (other than losing the 1 stacks). What is broken about that? → I assume the fight is balanced around the general using his scorching ray, not me being able to cheese it like this.
My suggestion would be to introduce a Morale penalty for lost battles, the amount of Morale lost should be a linear function of the army size lost in the battle; for example: MoralePenalty(ArmyLost)=ArmyExpValue(ArmyLost)*1 + 3 (or something along these lines, the numbers are quite arbitary here; but i do think that some base value would be important.)

This would mean i could still chose to do this cheese, but it would be an actual choise (not mandatory), since i would also lose something in return. AND it also kinda makes sense from a “role playing” perspective, sending in suicide squads should drain the morale of your troops, shouldn’t it?

Also, on a sidenote, scorching ray seems to be absolutely brokenly strong (as of this far in the early stages of the crusade). My fights revolve around using my caster general using scorching ray, he deals like 95% of my entire damage. this seems to be absolutely ridiculous. The only fight that is not easily beatable this far is the fight against that one general who can also use it.
(On the way to drezen, the one with the succubi).

Welcome to the Crusader Army portion of the game. Seems like you have a good handle on the situation. Choosing a caster as your primary (and perhaps only) general makes things simpler.

Well, this is up to future refinement, i hope.