Can you believe this dishonest load of shit?

“Fellow Pathfinders!

We know that things are tough with the console version of the game. It’s extremely sad that a lot of our players have their first impression flawed with all the release issues.

Please rest assured that we hear you, we see the issues you’re facing, and we’re actively working on fixing them. Unfortunately, even the very first patch for Xbox, was delayed in submission with Microsoft. Instead of being available at the game’s release, it became available only yesterday. Please make sure to update your game. This patch should improve the situation at least a little. What’s more, we already have another patch for PS4 and Xbox ready, and those are currently in submission. We can’t say when those patches will be released - the time frames for submission are outside of our control. But we’re busy preparing the next patch to put it in the line as soon as you receive the previous one.

We would love to answer every question and report, but we are quite a small team. It’s a bliss to have so many people loving our game, but sometimes the amount of feedback is too big for a few people to manage in full amount.

We still need your help though! If you face any trouble with the game, it would be best to contact us in messages or by e-mail: We can miss your comment, especially if it was left under one of our promotional posts. So, if it’s a bug, crash, or any other issue - please send us a detailed explanation of all the conditions when the bug /issue appears directly. If you’re playing on PS4, it would also be perfect if you could send us some of the “broken” saves on e-mail so we could examine them. You can find the instruction on how to extract your PS4 save file here .

We will spare no effort until the game-breaking issues are fixed and your gameplay becomes enjoyable. We appreciate your understanding in this situation.“

How’d this work out for us… unbelievable

It’s absolutely clear that they were lying from the start. Owlcat games don’t care about making good games or treating their customers with any level of respect. They only care about scamming their next payday. Everyone should remember that, and if you see the Owlcat name on -any- game, be reminded that you were stolen from once already. Behavior like this should not be overlooked, as there’s many, many other companies that are not thieves looking to fleece money from people with lies and false promises. I said it before in another thread, but fuck yourselves Owlcat. You banned me for six months for “spreading doom and gloom” and here I am again making sure you know that you are liars and scumbags. It’s not doom and gloom if it’s the truth.