Can we get any news or updates?

It’s been five months since the last patch, if you can call what little was done a proper patch, and it’s been about three months since we were told Kingmaker wasn’t a priority while WotR wasn’t released yet. Obviously, it has since been released and it’s been dead silent here in the Console forums. Not just from players, but from anyone representing Owlcat too, and that’s not a good thing.

Most of us have already suspected nothing would ever be done to fix the larger issues of the game and the silence coming from this studio is only reinforcing that. It’s maddening that a game I see so much promise in has just been abandoned.

I’ve glanced through the other sections of the forums as well, looked at topics about WotR going to Console and other topics that are about updates to WotR and I’ve noticed it’s not just the Console section that gets ignored. Owlcat doesn’t seem to respond to any questions. Anywhere. Why? Is it because the devs have given up, or is it because they can’t accept criticism? Have the people in charge of the forums been abandoned by the team in charge of the game, and they literally just cannot give us any answers because of that?

I just want answers. Please. I paid full price for this game, as did many others, and most of us haven’t been able to enjoy our purchase. I haven’t even been able to beat the game, because I refuse to play a game the frustrates me not because I’m bad at it, but because the game itself is often times unplayable and crashes every hour or two, a game that forces me to only have one save slot otherwise it crashes even more often, a game that runs at 4 or 5 fps while in its “Capital City”.


Sometimes the game crashes every 15 minutes or so, especially once you get past Troll Trouble. Certain areas seem to just flat out crash when playing the game.

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It’s a real damn shame just at how sorry of a state the console version of Kingmaker is still in they still have not updated us with any type of news about any console updates/patches to fix all the issues the console version is still saddled with.All I’m gonna say is this I’m not buying the new game on console you burned me once OCG I won’t give you another chance.

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