Camillia: I don´t like her character design

You need to use the feats of a) weapon finesse, b) weapon focus (rapier) and c) fencing grace. Starts becoming a viable melee character at lvl5. Before that, you can just forfeit her damage as it will never be good for a combat character.

So at this moment, it is just valid to spam “slumber” as does ember.

They could have easily fix it by making her human, then you can get fencing grace at level 3, or simply trying to come up with a character more viable “mechanically”.

But … why the heck is she a shaman? I mean what part of the story makes thinking “oh yeah she fits a shaman” - which by the way does not fit at all her background. I mean she can be a rogue an oracle a sorcerer a magus … but shaman??? does not fit at all!

And she will also make your rogue less shinny due to her high "trickery skill.

Well, I don’t want to spoil anything, but her shaman archetype was custom designed by Owlcat to complement her story—that might tell you something about her story arch.

As far as the character damage and build, I like her quite a bit. She covers your trickery needs for half of Act 1, she brings quite a useful diversity of spells and buffs, she can really buff her damage with spirit weapon in a limited number of fights, and her AC will be equal to or greater than Seelah. So she’s serving a useful skill function, is engaging enemies and using her AC to mitigate damage early game while providing some useful buffs to the rest of your party—particularly bless at 1, barksin at 2, and 1 enlarge person/bull skin. Set of buffs for your 2H. I agree her damage appears low—in large part because of early game DR being trouble for a rapier to overcome without fencing grace, but how much damage do you expect Daeren to deal?

Finally, I think the writing and voice acting for her is exceptional. Open your heart to me, I am helpful am I not, your pain, my pleasure, and the…one thatI can’t remember where she gets a criticial—it’s really well done innuendo and double entendres.

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Is the one you forgot: “The world in crimson”? :sweat_smile:

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I think she’s very well designed and up to and including hard difficulty a very useful party member as Raikan pointed out above.

With ice plant ring you can buy at the tavern and a few tweaks her AC will be up there with Seelah’s pretty fast.

Now on unfair - eh that’s rough obviously and not gonna cut it. Shaman’s are not up there with Magus unfortunately (although they are certainly good). There I would throw in the kitchen sink, swap her dex and str and go pure instinct warrior on her for quite a while. Still fits her tempremant.

Yes! That’s the one that I couldn’t remember. The voice acting on that is amazing. It’s probably the best voice acting among aLl of them with her tone peaking.


Yes … every time she speaks I get a shiver of horror going up my spine!! She is one very scary character! Her Voice Actress is seriously good.


correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Fencing Grace require you to have one hand free and Camellia doesn’t since she is using a buckler?

Na… Bucklers are alowed…
Pen&paper rules also alow Bucklers with Fencing Grace

This is for Slashing Grace… which also counts for Fencing Grace


What exactly does it mean that “You do not gain this benefit while fighting with two weapons or using flurry of blows, or any time another hand is otherwise occupied?” Can I use a shield? What about a buckler? Can I use flurry of blows? Brawler’s flurry? Two-weapon fighting? Spell combat? Attack with natural weapons? What if I throw the weapon? What about swordmaster’s flair?

Slashing Grace does not allow most shields, but bucklers work because they don’t occupy the hand. Flurry of blows, brawler’s flurry, two-weapon fighting, and spell combat all don’t work with Slashing Grace. Attacking with natural weapons beyond the weapon you chose for Slashing Grace also does not work. Slashing Grace only works with melee attacks, not thrown attacks with a melee weapon. Swordmaster’s flair should have a sentence added to it that says “Carrying a swordmaster’s flair counts as having that hand free for the purpose of abilities that require a free hand, though you still can’t hold another object in that hand.”

thanx, I missed that blurb about the buckler