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Was hoping someone could help me with something. Camellia in my group just turned level 5. She is wielding a cold iron masterwork rapier. I just found a Rapier +1, so I switched out her weapon. The problem is she is not getting the +1 to attack from the Rapier +1. (So I drop from +11 to attack to +10) When I mouse over the attack calculation on her character sheet with the cold iron masterwork rapier I get +3 from base, +5 from dex, +1 from courtier, +1 from weapon focus and +1 from rapier. When I switch to the Rapier +1 I get the same except for the +1 to attack from the weapon itself. Is this a bug or am I missunderstanding something?

Not a bug.

Masterwork weapons get +1 to hit.

+1 magical weapons also get +1 to hit (they are de facto masterwork), but they also get +1 to damage. They are also considered Magical versus some creatures that have particular resistances.

Using Cold Iron, in WotR, is often more important than using a magical +1 weapon.

Thanks for the reply, but that doesn’t answer my question why my + to hit falls by 1 when I equip the Rapier +1 over the cold iron variant.

I thought this bug had been addressed - guess not. It involves background interacting with masterwork. The background bonus is an enhancement, so it doesn’t stack with the +1 enhancement bonus of a +1 weapon. A masterwork weapon is supposed to grant a +1 enhancement bonus to attack rolls, but if this bug still exists, masterwork must be processed as something other than an enhancement.

Because masterwork isn’t being processed as enhancement, it’s incorrectly stacking with background. However, the bonus from a magical weapon is properly processed as an enhancement bonus, so it doesn’t stack with the background bonus.

It always seemed weird that the background would basically “enchant” your weapon to +1. Why it’s not a “background” +1 to ar and dmg is a weird design choice.

Finding a bug in this game is not surprising. Thanks for the answer.

I experienced that bug today (or oddly enchanted item) while playing Through the Ashes … and suddenly I realized I must have misread your post :stuck_out_tongue:

My Cold Iron Masterwork Longbow was giving more To Hit bonuses (1 more) than the +1 Enhancement Composite Longbow.

In PF, enchanted weapons are supposed to all be considered Masterwork by default.

I sent a bug report.

Just to reiterate …

The bug is an extra +1 when using a masterwork weapon while the class gives proficiency in that weapon. (The bug is NOT losing that extra +1 bonus when you switch to a +1 weapon.)

OK, I double checked and here is the screenshot (with my explanation on it).

It is designed that way as I can tell by the description of the background (involved in this example), but I still consider it a bug because the “double proficiency” bonus (Owlcat made it a +1 Enhancement bonus) cannot stack of course with the magical +1 Enhancement, yet somehow it does stack with the Masterwork +1 bonus.

In short, the “double proficiency” here, from a background, should not be an Enhancement bonus to avoid this nonsense where the mundane masterwork is better than the magical masterwork weapon. The “double proficiency” bonus could be tagged Competence or other.

Varia: this screenshot is from the main companion in Through the Ashes (DLC).

The +1 enhancement from Urban Hunter and +1 enhancement from the magical weapon don’t stack - only the larger applies, and since they’re the same, it doesn’t matter which one the break-down lists.

How does the break-down handle the bonus from a masterwork weapon? If it’s listed as anything other than an enhancement, that’s the bug.

Is implementing the background bonus as an enhancement a bonus? Based on the description, it seems intended. Would make more sense to make it a competence bonus, but that would also make it more powerful because, in general, competence bonuses are more difficult to have.

Lets hope it gets fixed :slight_smile:

Well for those interested, the Mod TT Tweaks has the option to turn the +1 (Any skill/weapon bonus) into a “TRAIT” bonus so it removes any confusion gives more meaning to your background choice.
Also since your Background choice in this game is a replacement for the starting traits one chooses in the Pen&Paper rules which some give either a +1 trait bonus to damage or Hit.

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