Broken feats (spirited charge and natures whispers)

So I am mid way through a run to get the last couple of achievements in game. I have completed the game for every mythic path except devil (doing this run), completed on unfair, etc.

My main is a mounted gendarme (cavalier) who has had spirited charge from lvl 1. And it worked fine all the way through act 1. But approaching the end of act 2, and I’ve noticed it’s stopped working. I was experimenting with setting charge to be my default attack so I could turn off turn based combat for some fights. And ever since, I am not getting the *2 damage for any charges. Turn based or not. Removed charge from my default attack. Rebooted. Nothing is making the *2 start working again. Which is an annoyance for getting the mounted charge achievement.

And Deeran, I took the extra domain mythic (for nature) so I could take natures whisper and add charisma to AC instead of dex. Natures whisper is showing fine in the abilities section, but AC is still based on dex not cha. I know this ability used to work fine on previous mercenary builds, but definitely not working for Deeran.



Potential explanation for nature’s whispers …

Is Daeran carrying a medium or heavy load? Is he using armor?

Nice catch. You are allowed to wear armour with natures whispers. But he had crept into medium load. The fact that the penalty meant his AC bonus now matched his actual dex just misled me.

So ignore that bug, my bad! :slight_smile:

But mounted combat, looks like that’s been bugged since at least Oct 21 after a bit of searching. Not sure if it’s as a result of turning lvl 6 and getting multiple attacks maybe. As shouldnt be getting multiple attacks on a charge and I am. But guess that’s never going to be fixed. And probably means the lvl 20 capstone ability for gendarme wont work either! :frowning:



Re: charge
It’s designed (different from tabletop) such that the character still gets a full attack after mounted movement. Could be a bug, but seems like a design choice.

However, if you are charging, you should still only get a single attack - unless you have pounce or a similar ability? Maybe the Gendarme has an ability that effectively gives you pounce?? Not familiar with the archtype (or the base cavalier class).

If you are charging properly (I suggest testing in turn based), you should still get the spirited charge boost - not sure why you wouldn’t, so if you can’t make it work in turn-based, seems like a bug. If you can get it to work in turn-based, could be because it’s a real-time bug or because you’re not properly using the charge action.

Yea, as I said in the OP, I was getting the *2 damage on a charge in act one. But sometime in Act 2 I noticed a massive damage drop, and realised I was no longer getting that bonus. Was around the same time I noticed that I was getting full attack after a mounted charge, but that could be coincidental / intended as you say. Though seems a very OTT design decision if so, some builds would be crazy with mounts guaranteeing them a full attack every round.

But I have extensively tested and definitely broken, I never get spirited charge bonus any more. And there are quite a few posts about this, so looks like a long standing bug. I primarily play in turn based especially as going for the sadistic game design award this run.