Book of Dreams Bug?

Does this item work or is it bugged? Does anyone know? If it is bugged will it be fixed?

I wondered about that during my last playthrough about a month ago … but I haven’t heard anything about how to use it as yet?

me neither. i’m under the impression each chapter it opens up new doesn’t do that though.

There’s definitely supposed to be more. I emailed the person I worked with on it last week. We’ll see if they answer.

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you made the item? is it bugged?

Yeah. No response yet.


i’m terribly sorry your item is messed up. for what it’s worth i think it’s a great item and have it in every playthrough.

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What is it supposed to do? I just leave it in my storage chest for the moment because it doesn’t appear to do anything.

its a massive summon booster far as i can tell. it gives anything you summon massive buffs.

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There’s supposed to be 3 stages. Interestingly page 2 is actually stage 2. If we figure out how to unlock the 3rd stage and/or it gets fixed I think a lot of people will like it.


oh, i thought there would be alot more.

So far, I’ve only seen page 2 and nothing else. It does seem incomplete. However, the buff to summons from the book has worked on all summons with that character, including from the Azata beer mug from the Gray Garrison.

Is this bug still being looked into ? Its been 2 months since.

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