Best Act of the game?

  • Prolog
  • Act 1
  • Act 2
  • Act 3
  • Act 4
  • Act 5
  • Act 6

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I think we all don’t need to say much to Act 5+6.
I find the prologue a bit annoying.
I love Act 1.
Act 2 isn’t really good balanced.
I am in Act 3.
Act 4 i can’t say to much about it, but i hear good things.

I like act 4 the most. It’s the most alien one due to its location. I liked the side quests quite a bit (especially as a Demon). And the fact that it doesn’t have any kind of Crusade Management to it also was nice.

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Act IV, followed by Act III.

Act IV, you have more Mythic power, and you don’t have to deal with overland travel or Crusade Management. The quests are flushed out and fun, and the Abyss, in all its depravity, is showcased well.

There are a few things about overland travel that could use some tuning IMHO. The Crusade Management system can be fun, but it also loses its luster after a bit. Moving the customized relics to drops on World Bosses and keeping the Commander judgements, which are good RP, while also being able to skip the rest would be nice. Also, overland travel in WotR is just annoying IMHO - slow, tedious, and frequently random encounters even if you have decent stealth in the party, which demands building up teleportation hubs to avoid eating a bunch of Demonic Corruption to visit areas on other ends of the map. Call me old fashioned, but I enjoyed clicking on a location in Baldur’s Gate and traveling to it with just one random encounter or so.

And those are big reasons why Act III is my second favorite. You start coming into your Mythic power, and it’s the best developed Golarion act. The Crusade Management System is new and shiny, and the map is smaller.

Act V is next. It’s biggest problem is that you’re building up everything from scratch, with higher level armies and nothing smaller to attack, so it’s a big waiting game from Crusade management, and it’s just not as fleshed out or well developed as Act III. I particularly found the lack of options for Lich characters at this point to be disappointing.

Act II follows, mostly because it’s not Act I. Low level D&D just isn’t that enjoyable unless you can rest frequently, but when you add in slow travel time, a timer for some key quests and events, and Demonic Corruption, it turns into a Guide Dangit slog to get through and get things “right”.


Act 4 by a country mile. Could take a whole game of this (Planescape Torment essentially is). Beautiful music, scenery, intrigue - something truly unique. I hope we get a multi planar adventure path next.


Act 4 would be great, but thx to the nausea and annoyance of the navigation (+ the depressing “literally everything is dark” theme) in cha 4 it’s easily the worst chapter for me.
For me the best one is Cha 3, because of its many different interesting quests and a bit of sandbox feeling, as well as the great mythic quests in cha 3 (later most of them get a lot worse, but in cha 3 they’re really cool). I do hate the crusade part tho, but at least its more interesting than in cha 2 or 5

I voted Act 2. Nice challenges and pacing with a big payoff at the end with Drezen. Very atmospheric when you finally raise the banner and fight Staunten.

Act 3.

Whole game should be like this IMHO, didn’t like act 4, because this whole “city changes when you rotate the camera” is somewhere between “annoying” and “super annoying”.

Act 3 is very long. I don’t know if it isn’t too long for me, but it is better balanced than Act 2.
I agree with Act 4. I don’t know what i should think about it.
The Best act for me is Act 1. As i told you before.

It will be interessing what happend when the EE came up and give us extra quest for Act 5 and Act 6

Do you think the EE changing anything to the better?

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not yet, it was like a tiny coat of paint so far. need more meat and potatoes. it was basically a name change

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For what it’s worth, turning on some easy mode settings for campaigning makes army build up much more enjoyable. It makes the early acts too easy, but I’d consider changing difficulty settings later if possible. I liked the kingdom management (I also sorta liked it in Kingmaker, so I’m weird) but it definitely was a slog in the later acts. I feel like maybe allowing the player to alternate between their hero infiltrating and their army conquering places could make things more interesting. Either you clear an area with your hero or you beat a Heroes of Might & Magic type map. I think they could flesh out the kingdom management but then it becomes two games in one, and I understand why RPG players don’t want to play a strategy game and vice versa.

Act IV was definitely my favorite, and I’m not even a fan of demons. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would, and I think it’s because of all the unique level design and different elements. The city moving with your camera was disorienting at first but really cool and I actually came to enjoy it.