Begginer asking for multiclassing tips WOTR

Hi, I recently started to play Pathfinder( both kingmaker and WOTR) and althought i love the games, i’m facing some difficulties in character building. In kingmaker i followed most the one class build(except few easy multiclass build). In WOTR i am trying to multiclass more but i’m basically stuck because i don’t understand well the sinergy between the moltitude of classes. I’m not doing any advancement level because i fear to screw up the builds. Can someone give me some advice on possible good multibuilds (especially for my character,an armored battlemage[magus], that is the more disappointing one so far)?

First off, when you multiclass you’ll be having to do a lot of planning ahead and figure out which features you want.

If you know you are going to multi-class, I’d be on normal difficulty or lower so you can try out the synergies you are looking for. Start with an advanced class like Dragon Disciple or Hellknight first. Look at if you want to be a caster or a martial class and look at the different archetypes and their requirements then pick your base class off of what can more easily get you what you need.