Beast Rider help needed

Hello all, i watched The Hobbit: Battle of the 5 Armies lately and saw King Dáin Ironfoot riding his huge Boar into battle, swinging his Warhammer at everything in range. That somehow triggered an idea, to try something like that in WotR as my main, as I was, am and always will be a big fan of the dwarven race. Bad thing is, I am at a total loss when it comes to create a working build on my own, so I would appreciate if someone could help me with that (no need for a powerful build, I’m fine with story mode).

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Beast Rider archetype for Cavalier is not necessary the way to go : you can start with another class offering boar pet at lvl 1 and then go into another Cavalier archetype, maybe more suited for your needs.

Personnaly, with a MC, I’d go with :

Dwarf - 17->22 13 16 13 16 5 - Oblat (wisdom to speech) - Torag - NG (fits the lore)
2 levels in Mad Dog (barbarian) ==> gets you boar pet and +4 to ennemis you and your pet flank together.

3 levels in Sacred Huntmaster (inquisitor) ==> gives you some nice wisdom spells, wisdom to initiative, better intimidation and teamwork feats automatically given to your pet.

1 level in Vivisectionnist (alchemist) ==> 10mn +2AC/+4 strength buff, +1d6 sneak attack (and with a pet below you, you will ALWAYS flank and therefore sneak attack). Feel free to add +2d6 sneak attack with feat and mystic feat.

14 other levels in Cavalier, I’d go with Gendarme as it would fit thematically better. Wall is also an option, can get you quite tanky.

Don’t forget to pump up Mobility, as you can become VERY tanky with Mounted combat feat Undomitable mount and high score of Mob.

For the pet, if you don’t take the tanky archetype (can’t remember its name), take the feats allowing it to wear armor. I’d go with bully archetype : pet smashes the ennemy, and cavalier strikes it with his axe.


up those Mad Dog levels to 5 to give your pet the Trip feat for free, then take the Agressor archetype and your pet will get free Trip and Power Attack, and the Bleeding Strike

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