Battle Oracle Ability Scores?

Hey guys, this is a simple question, but it’s really been driving me crazy, so I decided to make a post for it.

I’m making a heavy armor battle oracle (original, I know) for core, and I’m trying to decide on my ability scores. I’m using a human, so I get +2 to a stat.

Does 16 12 13 10 10 18 sound okay for stats? I plan to throw one point into CON and the rest into CHA on level up. I’ve considered switching CHA and STR, but it seems to me that buffs can easily get STR where it needs to be for melee, so I’m better of boosting my spell casting stat. Does that sound reasonable, or should I switch them around?

You can remove some DEX and take Nature as second mystery to compensate.

That’s an option, though then you might as well skip heavy armor, considering how high your CHA will get. And then you might as well drop Skill at Arms in general and just rely on Simple weapons or a weapon prof from a background, and free up a revelation.

Why skip Heavy? Just take Purifier then, rely on Longspear or background weapon and use Heavy with Battle+Nature.

But for me Nature+Waves is stronger option with dumped DEX.

Skip heavy because of Max DEX Bonus. What’s the point of burning a Revelation if you can’t make use of most of the benefit? With your CHA giving you AC, you’re probably better off in a mithral brestplate or even light armor in general. Hell, you don’t lose movespeed then.

As for Waves VS Battle, Battle still has War Sight, Weapon Mastery and a decent Final Revelation. Waves gives Seamantle and Ice Armor. To be fair, that’s pretty good, especially as Ice Armor gets pretty big at high levels…

About revelation - yes, you do not need it. But if you are Purifier, you will have 7 DEX bonus with mithral full plate, and it is pretty good for most of the game.

Nature final revelation is better for turning into animal or plant.

[quote=“rilian, post:6, topic:51238, full:true”]Nature final revelation is better for turning into animal or plant.

Yes, which is why Battle/Nature is good. As far as I’m aware, using Nature Final Revelation to turn into an animal lets you benefit from Friend to Animals, meaning you get CHA to saves without having to dip into Paladin.

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But Nature/Waves still can tank, can strike trash mobs and way better caster.

Lot’s of people recommend nature for the dex to AC, but they are neglecting the other things that dex does. Like initiative. I wouldn’t start using dex as a dump stat for any character.

Then better to use STR as dump, go Weapon Finnese/Slashing grace.

Or just take Warsight to roll 3 times for initiative.

You can also use “Bestow Grace” to push your CHA to saves. One level of Abundant Casting on Seelah will give you enough slots to throw it on most of your party. Or, there are scrolls of course.

I like going for Battle specifically for Pounce and “free” weapon focus feats. It’s also helpful if you’re going for a ray blaster. Nature is also nice for the pet as you can grab a Smilodon and pounce as well. Take advantage of that sweet cleric spell list and get some melee in with your casts. If you have pounce on both your character and your mount, you can both get full attacks on charges. And, then proc AoO’s off of eachother with outflank and combat reflexes (when it’s working again).

Depends what mythic you go for though, and what role you want to play of course. But, oracle is nice and flexible in that regard. Easy to be a good caster and melee damage dealer without any dips.

What do you mean “grab a Smilodon”? Only pet options Oracles get are Wolf and Horse. I suppose one could dip into another pet class first, to pick up a different pet, but that means losing out on the Final Revelations at 20…

Got the nature mystery mixed up with the shaman’s secret there.

also, Nature, let’s get an Animal Companion