Basic Clothing

Hi everyone!

Does someone know if is it possible to change the basic appearance of the main character?

I’m playing a fighter/inquisitor but, as soon as I took the first level in the tactical master class, the appearance of my character changed, and now I’m stuck to travel with the horrendous inquisitor’s hat on my head.

In fact, the hat per se is not so ugly but is just silly on my character who is supposed to be the classic armored king who leads an army to battle with his hairs floating in the wind.

I would really appreciate if there is an option to change the basic clothes of my main.

P.S: forgive my English, I’m trying to do my best :smiley:

i also wanna know the same which this thread is about. please someone tell about this!

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Please advise me on some appropriate attire for Newcastle civil engineers. I am traveling to an event.