Bard, Inquisitor, Wizard level up bug

Can’t level up Bard, Inquisitor, or Wizard. Once I get to spell selection, nothing is selectable, and if I go back, the spells are superimposed over the other sections, and the only thing I can do is cancel the level up. This also occurs when trying to hire mercenaries of these classes, but not when making new main characters. I tested this with all classes that learn spells on level up, and the Alchemist, Magus, and Sorcerer seem to be unaffected. This was on PS4.

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Thank you for reporting the bug. I have good news: those two bugs should be 100% fixed in the upcoming patch. The list of the issues fixed in the upcoming patch is here:

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Hello, I still seem to have this issue, at least with Linzi, Regonar, and Octavia. I cannot level them up with and class that lets me pick spells for them. When it gets to the spell page I cannot scroll through or even pick the first spell it is stuck on. I am playing on the Xbox version

Hey! Thanks a lot for reporting this! We’ll investigate.

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this often happens when you have the Spells directly under your skills. (For any reason)

You mean listed. Skills, then any spells?

When the category for spell selection is directly located under the skills selection. In the lvl up screen.

Yeah any spells. This is why only classes with a specific spell selection have this trouble. I know that the bomb mage at lvl 1 was bugged before this patch and he doesnt have the skills directly over the spells. Cause you have to select your spellfocuses first

It also accures at diffrent lvls. My bloodmagus is stuck at lvl 3, cause you cant complete the lvl up to the fourth lvl.

He doesnt get stuck at lvl 1 to 2 even though you also have the spells directly underneath the skills.

So it doesnt accure all of the times

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Is there any work around for this on consoles?

Having no wizards is not a difficulty setting I was expecting… :grin:


So far, there is no solution to this one


i can’t believe this is still an issue, this and the constant crashing, frame rate drops, and bugged quest lines make me feel like I’m play testing a beta version as apposed to a game that has been out for two years… my love for pathfinder is beginning to be out weighed by the state of this ps4 port.

In my experience this problem seems to be most prevalent when you are selecting from the second level spell list.

also i have found no correlation between the location of skills in relation to spells with this bug. i tried to level as a wizard on an odd level, where feat would be between the two, but the weird bug persisted still.

is there update on the state of this bug?
i have read and re-read the linked post above and i see no mention of this bug.

is there any update on this?

Hope it gets fixed soon, I have been loving this game but it would be really cool to play with casters that I could build on my own.

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its been 6 months since it was reported, not even a responce, this company does not care for its consumers at all, it’s disgusting really. i guess we can’t play casters in a pathfinder game shrug

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anybody try the new update yet? is this game breaking bug that stops you from leveling up fixed yet?

Never had this bug. Neither before nor after the patch.

Of course you could have checked that out for yourself in the last few months … but it’s probably more fun pushing this thread regularly to complain, right?

i still had the issue up till this patch last week, haven’t had time to play since it dropped.

Any news on a new update that fixes this issue.