Azata Mythic Path Bug - No option to Select Teamwork Feat for Life bonding Friendship

I finally got to mythic rank 4 and was expecting to pick a teamwork feat for the Life Bonding Friendship piece, and was never given a prompt for it. In my character sheet it just shows as default.

Also, my Azata sleeping Buff appears to be perminant instead of only lasting for one hour.

Same problem here. I’m at Azata Mythic Rank 4 and somehow do not have a teamwork feat. I may have a accidentally hit a back button when selecting Mythic abilities and lost out on the option to pick it. Still, the game should not lock you out of abilities for a mis-click.

You only get the feats if you take the superpower. The bug is that it’s displayed before you take the power

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When I first started the game, Life-bonding friendship worked perfectly for me. After a respec, however, I can still get the teamwork feat at rank 4 just fine if I pick Life-bonding friendship as my superpower. But somehow I do not get to choose the second teamwork feat at rank 5.