Asking for multiclassing build WOTR

Asking for multiclassing tips WOTR

Hi, I recently started to play Pathfinder( both kingmaker e WOTR) and althought i love the games, i’m facing some difficulties in character building. In kingmaker i followed most the one class build(except few easy multiclass build). In WOTR i am trying to multiclass more but i’m basically stuck because i don’t understand well the sinergy between the moltitude of classes. I’m not doing any advancement level because i fear to screw up the builds. Can someone give me some advice on possible good multibuilds (especially for my character,an armored battlemage[magus], that is the more disappointing one so far)?

I think you should stay in a single class. It took me a while, but I think there was a design change from DnD 3E to Pathfinder to make single classes better. Many classes or archetypes are already a combination of several classes. I see very little reason to use most prestigue classes and it is very easy to weaken your character through multi classing. My first Kingmaker char was a mix of several classes and it was a complete desaster.
There are some powerful multiclass options, but except some well known ones (e.g. melee lich [sorcerer, scalded fist, eldritch knight] or some bizarre monsters that stack tons of attacks [especially bite attacks which should not stack at all] ) I find it hard to suggest something useful.
One point of a good char is not to gimp the main feature of the class. If you have an animal companion, all of your classes should give progression for your pet, a low level pet is useless later. If you are a full caster (class with lv9 spells) you should not delay your spell progression because spells are the main point of your char.

Regarding your armored battlemage:
You should not select a class that sacrifices offence for defense. You win fights by killing enemies, so maximizing hit chance and damage is most importent. The faster you kill enemies the less time they have to harm you. Defense is importent, but offense is more importent when you have to chose. Magus is a good class, but the default magus, who can enchant his weapons for more hit chance and damage, is better than a magus who can improve his armor instead of his weapon. You could also take a magus with a pet, a magus who specializes on a single weapon or a magus with spontanous spells and bloodline powers but don´t give up the ability to enchant your weapon and take the option to have this for minutes per class level instead of just a single round.
For the same reason, tower shield specialist is worse than most other fighters (mutagen warrior is considered best) and all other archetypes where you get better armor at the cost of something else.

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I agree with everything you said Madscientist3 (especially for some character like Lann and Seelah)but i really think almost of the other character(especially mine) need a good multiclassing. I thought of starting an entire new playthrought (and i will do in the future) but now i want to continue (althought i feel i’m playing in a bit a subpar way)because i’m really enjoing the story and the game so far. So every tip and proposal are more than welcome

Don’t multiclass just because you want to.

You should be asking yourself, what does the character get from multi-classing, and is it worth the trade-off for not progressing their main class?

For example, you may see advocates for dipping one level in cross-blooded sorcerer for more damage, but that might not be a great idea if you aren’t primarily nuking in spells (and in one element), or if the dip forces you to give up strong class abilities or locks you out of a spell level because of other dips you considered more essential.

Yesterday I went through character creation again to look for good multiclass options.
I found that for every char you can imagine there is a single class char that could be build that way.
No matter if you want to go melee, ranged or magic, if you want to dual wield, weapon+shield or 2h, if you want this with a pet or if you want stat x instead of stat y for it, you will find something.

So think of what char you want, select a single class that fits this desciption, optimize it to be good at what you want to do most and select companions who can do stuff you cannot and who can make you even better at what you are doing.

There are good multiclassing options, but unless you are an expert for Pathfinder you are more likely to hurt yourself.
If you want to go crazy with multi classing you can select the legend mystic path. You double your level, so you can get everything from one class plus stuff from other classes on top of it. But this would mean playing one char for most of the game and then playing a completely different char much later.

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Not really. Go 1 level scaled fist to carry you for a few levels casual staff, 4 levels of sorc for buff spells, martial proficiency and weapon focus 2h axes. You do melee things with buff spells. 4 level of dragon disciple into 10 levels of Eldrich Knight. Still wailing on things with an axe with spell support. Get Dragon disciple to 8 for dragons ofc; 1 hellknight, 1 demon hunter ranger, 3 loremaster for priest channel divinity and rogue dispelling strike, 11 divine guardian levels cause you stack smite chaos with smite evil, mark of justice is just bonkers. The entirety of the game you wail on things with a great axe while spamming cool lich spells, breath attacks and what ever you will when ever you crit. And you crit basically all the time.

@Madscientist3 mentioned the melee sorc build as an exception in one of the previous posts. But, there are definitely some exceptions.

The main reason, I find is to add some mobility or versatility to companions specifically. If you want to get a different mount for Seelah, for instance. You could take a Beastrider level before you get divine bond to get your pick of any animal and you wont lose any BAB or mount progression. You do however, lose your capstone ability and a tiny bit of spell progression (not a big deal for paladin anyway)

Some things that you have to watch out for are drops in BAB by taking dips in 1/2 or 3/4 BAB classes. This isn’t really an issue for fighters, cavaliers and other full BAB classes.

On the caster end, is drops in caster level. While the Melee Sorc is fun, you do lose 3 caster levels and it drops your spell progression a good bit initially. Especially, now that they’ve broken the merged book progression (Hopefully that gets reverted back to what it was). It wouldn’t be as good as it is without the merged book.

You lose your capstone abilities, which in some cases are great. Like a rogue’s master strike, is pretty sick, for instance. But, if the capstone can be replaced by a spell (Immunities) than it’s not really a big loss.

Some examples of companions that I like to Multiclass are Regil and Lann. For Regil, I love taking one level of divine hunter (hunter) to give him a velociraptor, lead blades and acid maw(albeit for one minute). Then going Gendarme (Cavalier) to keep giving him lots of feats for himself and his raptor. He gets an insane amount of attacks, outflank + leading strikes+ ever ready all work off of eachother. And, he can get full attacks off each round. He went from someone that I never had a use for in alpha, to someone that I almost always take with me.

For Lann, I like to do Zen Archer 3/Demonslayer Ranger 17 with a Mastodon pet. Why use a pet on a ranged character? You can give him shortbows and the limited range doesn’t become a problem for him since his mount can move him wherever he needs to be. Another benefit is that you can take the full snapshot line and use outflank and ever ready on an archer. This combined with the Mastodon’s overrun ability is just great. You can open up combat by charging into the groups of enemies with Lann, tripping everything he passes by and he gets AoO’s when they try to get up. It’s lots of fun. He doesn’t lose any BAB, and gains a ton of versatility that he wouldn’t normally have. +8 favored enemy bonus to all demons is great for an archer too.

A lot will also depend on what difficulty you are playing on. As Hard, and Unfair, really punish you for not maxing out your BAB. And you need to have fairly optimized builds if you don’t want to end up pulling your hair out. It depends on what you want to do with said character too. If you can find an archetype that has everything you want, might as well stick with that. If you’re stuck with a partially premade companion. There are certainly different avenues that you can explore, as shown above.

I disagree. The only reason to do anything in the game is because you want to. Do you want you enjoy, and as long as you’re not trying multi two completely opposite classes, you’ll be fine. Unless you’re playing on Unfair level, I do not enjoy and ever will play at that level, but, to each their own.

The Mastodon is an interesting choice, I’ll have to try it, I usually give Lann the horse because he get’s a bonus to attack while on a horse. But honestly, I usually don’t have Lann in my party, I usually go a different path