Armored Battlemage arcane pool does nothing

Armored Battlemage arcane pool does nothing. The AC doesn’t go up. The armor itself gets a +1 enhancement but the AC stays the same.

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Can confirm this is happening to me also.

In addition Spellstrike doesn’t seem to be working. It delivers the spell, but it does it as a whole round action, without the additional attack.


Spellstrike not working specifically for 2h weapons in my case - haven’t tested 1h as I was wanting to do a reach build.

Spell Combat should require a free hand

Spellstrike should not require a free hand and should allow a free attack with your melee weapon as a part of casting an offensive touch spell. (allowing for ONE attack with a 2h weapon to be made in place of the free touch attack allowed by the spell as a standard action)

Please FIX

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Seriously, it’s not that complicated. I’ve brought this bug up several times only for people to tell me it’s “working as intended you don’t get spell combat”

Yeah. I was thinking of playing this archetype. But before starting an actual playthrough I loaded an old save and toyed with respeccing. Here’s what I found out while testing (copy pasted from a bug submission because I’m feeling lazy rn).

There are several issues with abilities of Armored Battlemage

First, there’s no icon for Arcane Pool buff whenever you activate it.

Second, Arcane Pool armor enhancement behaves extremely weird. After you imediately cast it, it doesn’t give you any AC increase. When you inspect an enhanced armor you see that it has temporary enhancement, but it doesn’t do anything beyound that. Your AC value stays the same in a character sheet and when you inspect a combat log. Buuut… after some time it appears to be kicking in and your AC actually increases (or maybe it’s pure luck and the buff starts working randomly just because). Buuuut… it doesn’t stack with exisitng enhancement the armor has!

Energy resistances seem to be working though (at least they show up in a character sheet under martial)

I tested it with Half-Plate +2 that gives you 10 AC (8 base, 2 from enhancement). When I use Arcane Pool +3 and after the buff kicks in, AC increases to 11 instead of expected 13.

Third, Arcane Pool description is misleading because it doesn’t give Bitter, Ghost Touch or Spell Storing. Either description should be fixed or corresponding abilities should be implemented.

Fourth, Armor Training value seems to be lower than expected. My character is Skald1/AB9 with 15 Dex and has Armor Training 2. That means when wearing Half Plate (with max Dex bonus of 0) she should be having Dexterity bonus to AC of +2. Instead it’s only +1.


Just rolled up an armored battlemage on the beta branch(which as of this morning I believe is the main steam version as well) and it’s still working like this. Rather than lasting a minute per use it lasts a round, maybe, if it decides to activate at all.

Duplicated a similar test with a breastplate +1 when I had +2 arcane pool and when it activated it only gave an additional +1 so the armor acted as +2 total rather than +3 as the ability text says it should.

Have not tested the armor training issues you listed yet.

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I’ve checked the class again and it’s still broken. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.