Arcanist (Eldrich Font) - Arcane Reservoir

Arcane Reservoir points desappearing after rest. Please fix this (like magus reservoir), because in this state this class become absolutely useless in front of basic mage-tipe classes (because 3_main_stat_class must have something interesting to not prefer sorcerer/mage-trickster path)
(Maybe it work on other Arcanist specs)

From what I can tell it follows the rules just fine.
"The arcanist’s arcane reservoir can hold a maximum amount of magical energy equal to 3 + the arcanist’s level.

Each day, when preparing spells, the arcanist’s arcane reservoir fills with raw magical energy, gaining a number of points equal to 3 + 1/2 her arcanist level. Any points she had from the previous day are lost." -d20pfsrd