Apparently there was a ban wave on the official discord and I feel that I was accidentally banned

Already sent an Email and a tweet last night when I noticed with no response. wasn’t sure where to make this post on the forum but i figured this was the best place for it.

Anyway I have not posted anything on discord in weeks. just been lurking and waiting for updates on the upcoming Warhammer game and news for the next DLC for WotR. when I went to check last night I noticed the server was gone from my list and after talking to some friends it looks like I was banned. I don’t know why I would have been banned though. again, no posts in weeks.

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Did you write to them ? (always do this first before posting on a forum about a ban)

This is the support webpage I found :

Or have buddies on Discord contact a moderator.

that support page looks to be for game bugs. and i did email them. still have not heard back though

They finally got back to me. Apparently they think I posted offensive reactions to a pride month post. all i did was re-post reactions that shared how i felt about being pinged for something irrelevant to the games (if you turn off notifications and mute a channel you still get the little red notification if you get @ mentioned which includes the @ everyone.) im just there for game news and support. idgaf about the character appreciation (which i actually do not understand) or the fan art.

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what Email do you talk to about something like this? I feel like i was banned and i haven’t even been on the server since around the time the inevitable DLC dropped.

it was removed from my server list and i can’t re-join it.

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Still seem to be banned. I think they need new moderation staff. the ones they have now seem too fragile and easily set off if they even for a moment think your being a bully. After I clarified that I reposted reactions that where critical of the @ everyone in character appreciation I still have not heard back from them…