Any Plans for a Third CRPG?

Just wondering if anyone knows: Are there any plans in the works for a new Pathfinder game following WotR? Really enjoyed WotR. :slight_smile:


Nothing has been announced regarding a third game. Right now, in addition to patches and bug fixes, Owlcat is working on DLC for WotR - the first one should come out on March 3 and then there are two more DLC that will come out. I think some people have found places online where Owlcat was recruiting new employees and some of that hints at a possible sci-fi game, but we don’t have any official news right out.

I am pretty sure they do have plans (after all if they do not they just quit and go for somewhere else to work, without new products game company can not keep up too long). But first they will patch current game, create console version, make 3 DLC’s (and some free DLC’s) while they keep planning what to create next.

So sooner or (most likely) later we will get a new Kickstart (I hope) and game after.

If we do some math:

  • Kingmaker were launched at 2017 june and released september/october 2018 (when we lost our beloved Berserkenkitten as community manager).
  • In february 2020 WotR kickstart was started and we get game at august/september 2021.
    So we might get next kickstart in 2023 and game 2024/2025. But there is still some time for it. Surely we do NOT get new kickstart before we get all 3 DLC’s and that will most likely take us end of this year or so.

Do we have a WOTR release date for PS4 yet besides autumn?

Absolutely not.

Not until Wrath of the Righteous AND Kingmaker are fixed and work fully on all platforms.

Kingmaker absolutely must be fixed as a console game so that it can actually be playable past the Stag Lord before Owlcat even thinks about making another game. Heck, I’m of the opinion that Kingmaker needs to be fixed before they even consider releasing Wrath of the Righteous on consoles.

Almost 2 years without a single patch on consoles and it is unplayable after the Stag Lord is defeated. Constant crashes, your pictures in Lindsey’s book covering everything, no music in the opening screen, constant frame rate drops, game crashes when trying to save, game crashes opening the menu, game crashes entering an area and game crashes when leaving it.