Angel and Aasimar Halo not following character when entering new are

Angel and Aasimar halos are not following character after entering ANY new area:

Example (still happens in any and every area): Entered house, Halos stuck in place after moving character and bonuses still active:

These can be reset after deactivating and activating again but the same thing will happen again after entering any area.

I have this too. In fact, it seems all visible effects like that just stay where you spawn into the map. It also affects NPCs (the Inheritors Halo gets stuck like that too for instance)

Yeah i also have this, and its not just the halo. The visual effects from everything like haste also doesnt follow you between zones, i think its from the new update…

Same thing happens to me. No visual effects load after area transition or reload. Mirror image, displacement, haste, halo, etc.
Only things that stays is size change.

As of todays patch 2.0.4j this can be considered fixed, check patch notes below:


  • After loading a save or travelling between locations, visual effects on the characters could act in a wrong way or disappear completely – fixed. Additionally, fixed visual effects on creatures, ghosts, elementals, and some objects, like the Sword of Valor;

Yep, its resolved for me too!