Almost February 2022 + Next Owlcat Game

Is it going to be Pathfinder 1, or would you go to Pathfinder 2.0? I’m quite happy with the classic 3.5 version of PF. If you did make a sequel (which I assume the team is already working on it) how might it differ from elements you offered in Kingmaker and Wrath? I can tell that the camera rotation and scene exploration was greatly enhanced in Wrath as compared to Kingmaker. One area that BOTH games faltered though was the secondary mode; both the kingdom management and war management. Both great ideas, but not enough for me to switch it to auto-mode. I don’t know how the community in general felt about those modes, so I could be in the minority.

I completely agree that the next game needs to move away from kingdom and army management. Most Adventure Paths (Pathfinder full pre-made campaigns) have a gimmick like a pirate ship, or a caravan, or something. They are all interesting, so I would love to see any one of those instead of a another kingdom

There is talk that it is going to be something spacey. So that could be anything from something like Iron Gods (set in Numeria) to a massive change to Starfinder. As you pointed out, there are probably members of narrative and concept art teams who have started on the one they’ve chosen (or building options to choose from)

There shouldn’t be another Owlcat game UNTIL they fix Kingmaker on consoles. They released it there and it is unplayable. It’s just not possible to play the game once you get into Chapter 2 moving forward. It’s buggy, constantly crashes, and sometimes you can’t even leave an area, pause the game, save the game, or even move without the game crashing.

The games that Owlcat already has released absolutely must be the priority. If they announce another game before Wrath of the Righteous AND Kingmaker are completely fixed on every platform they have been released on then Owlcat doesn’t deserve a penny.