Advice for my mystic theurge

Been messing around trying to get as many spells/spell slots as possible onto the one character, kinda a jack of all things, going with the trickster path for those extra roguish vibes and the mythic trick wizards spell book, any advice on feats or spells (selection or order) or if different caster classes would work better would be great only made the class on the inevitable excess dlc so not sure how well it’ll do at the main campaign.

  1. Half Elf kindred raised, healer, druid feyspeaker, elven spirit, animal domain

Str 10 dex 12 con 10 int 18 wis 7 cha 20

  1. Druid

  2. Druid, improved elven immunities

  3. Int +1, Druid, fey magic sleep, horse

  4. Druid, spell focus conjuration

  5. Sorcerer crossblooded, silver dragon, water elemental, greater spell focus conjuration, magic missle

  6. Sorcerer, spell focus illusion

  7. Int +1, Sorcerer, grease

  8. Sorcerer, greater spell focus illusion

  9. Mystic theurge, colour spray, create pit

  10. Mystic theurge, empower spell

  11. Wis +1, Mystic theurge, shield, glitterdust, heroism

  12. Mystic theurge, completely normal spell

  13. Mystic theurge, acid arrow, deep slumber, acid pit

  14. Mystic theurge, extended spell

  15. Cha +1, Mystic theurge, spiked pit, confusion, icy prison

  16. Mystic theurge, selective spell, Web

  17. Mystic theurge, overwhelming grief, cloud kill, transformation

  18. Mystic theurge, spell penetration

  19. Cha +1, Sorcerer, acidic spray, acid fog, hold person mass


  1. Bit of fun, Abundant casting

  2. Sorcerous reflex

  3. Trickster, enduring spell, mythic trick perception 1, wand of summon monster zero, reduce person, hypnotism

  4. Trickster, Expanded arsenal enchantment, mythic trick infuse magic device, mythic trick perception 2, vanish, hideous laughter, invisibility

  5. Trickster, Ascendant element cold, mythic trick religion 1, expeditious retreat, blur, hold person, stinking cloud

  6. Trickster, Improved abundant casting, mythic trick arcana 1, mythic trick reuse magic device, doom, chameleon stride, slow, greater invisibility, phantasmal killer

  7. Trickster, Greater enduring spell, mythic trick world 1, mythic trick use magic device 3, find traps, displacement, rainbow pattern, phantasmal web, mind fog

  8. Trickster, Greater abundant casting, mythic trick nature 1, mythic trick lore 2, weather domain, rune domain, mirror image, blink, greater chameleon stride, shadow evocation, phantasmal putrefaction, eagles splendor mass

  9. Trickster, Favourite meta magic empower, mythic trick persuasion 1, mythic trick arcana 2, deep slumber, reduce person mass, feeblemind, cats grace mass, insanity, invisibility mass

10 trickster, extra feat greater spell penetration, mythic trick mobility 1, mythic trick religion 3, community domain, repose domain, shadow conjuration, dominate person, umbral strike, greater shadow conjuration

Looks good to me. On my Theurge I did Druid Fey speaker and Sylvan Sorcerer and Azata mythic. Only 15th level so far tho.

if you’re going to take the Trickster trick Arcana 1, why not take that first, so you get the better equipment for your whole party way earlier?