2h damage dealer - Looking for a build for Normal/Core

Very simple, I want to build a character using Greatswords. I’ve never tried the Two-Handed Fighter and only lightly touched on Barbarian, but I’m open to other potential options as well.

I intend to play human. Not sure about the mythic path yet.

Anyone have some pointers?

Some weapons have the trait Reach (sometimes marked 6 feet range), and I suggest you go for those types, like bardiches, fauchards, glaives, longspears (I think those are the 4 weapon categories that have Reach). So instead of the classical greatsword.

Why : with a 2-handed weapon warrior, you will often go for the set of cleaving Feats and having more Reach vastly changes how often you can do it. Plus, it allows another character to tank while your 2H warrior is near-by but just slightly out of reach of some melee attacks.

Well if you want to min-max any race choice or main martial class for 2h fighting is to maximize his crit and reach. One of my builds I did which performed very well was to use UMD (Use magic devise) on my 2h fighter to cast on himself leadblades, and longarm spells on him/her self then using great cleave with improved cleaving finish to annihilate mobs with a keen/vicous falchion. Also have someone cast enlarge person too. Which will bump up the base damage of the falchion to 5d6 and if you want you can also put add the vitals spell which adds sneak damage of 5d6 so a crit does 13d6 +3x bonus to each mob and unlimited finish attacks. The most I killed at 16th lvl was 8 in one attack.

To do this you can add UMD to his class spells with one of the backgrounds and keep CHR at 10.

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The default choice would be the mutagen warrior with a fauchard (exotic weapon, needs feat).
Reach, high crit chance and you have tons of damage with the right buffs.
This is also good for AoO with outflank and seize the moment. Even better if you have something that can trip enemies.

If you like barbarians I have bad news for you: Its called primalist.
The primalist bloodrager can get everything barbarians have plus some spells, bloodline powers and bonus feats.
At lv 4,8,12 and 16 you have to chose if you want the bloodline power OR two rage powers, but you get the lv1 bloodline power in any case.

yeah, but the Primalist doesn’t have a pet and an extry beefy pet to boot like the Mad Dog.

but Fauchard is one of my favorite weapons.